Friday, July 15, 2011

A Boogiewoogie Vacation

This in no way - and definitely no shape or form - represents Boogiewoogie. It simply represents that he's on a vacation.
Boogiewoogie is making his annual voyage up north to the land o' lakes (and by land of lakes I mean Minnesota not the butter factory, he learned that lesson the hard way showing up with toast and jam in hand ready to slather on the fresh creamy butter. It was quite embarrassing for everyone involved.)  He is accompanying his wife, her family, and baby Boogiewoogie.

In his absence I have committed to him that I shall produce a boogie-esque blog representation. This means I will be relaying pointless mind altering information, which lets face it, is the reason you paroose this site. I mean sure, we could just give you the news - but why? That's what MSN, ESPN, NBC, and facebook are for. We could just tell you what's going on with John Calipari and the Cats - but you already have Twitter and KSR... you come here for that extra "value-add".

Thus, I am committing to value adding. I shall let you have not only the news but my 2 cents as well. Let's start...

- There's a really good article over on about Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (which I'm still having as much trouble typing that "Kidd-" as the ! in YUM!). It talks about Michael's uncle Darrin Kidd and how he help support and raise him. You should read it, well because if you're reading this you're bored and those guys are much better writers.

- I was loving the stories last weekend coming out of Sparta (or because of Sparta) and the traffic. Forget Casey Anthony, I wanted more Twitter pics of drunkards shot-gunning beers and running off into the woods on I-71 to puke/pee. Well, because of that "Carmegedon" the NASCAR president (insert collective 'wooooooooh') has had some words. My thoughts, if it takes 4:45 minutes to go the 60 miles from Louisville to the race track but only 2:30 to race 400 miles, someone f-d up.

- And since I was watching a friend can peaches all night last night, drinking "Wheach" beer... what better way to end an article than a Peach Jam summary. The boys over at KSR  - aka the place Boogiewoogie would rather be - wrapped up the week long peachtacular with a blurb on all the major 2012 Tar-cats (get it? yeah!). My thoughts, why reinvent the wheel when I can just link to it.

Stay tuned peeps because my weekend plans only involve beer and blogs... two items that go great together.

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