Friday, July 29, 2011

Pro's vs Joe's (aka UK Lengends vs Dominican Republic National Team)

Boogie told us that we can't call it the "UK Legends Team" and Ticketmaster is complying instead calling the team the "The Pros" and they'll be facing The Dominican Republic National team. At 10:00 AM this morning the tickets went on pre-sale (and will run through 10pm tonight reopening Monday at 10:00 AM). You can still get your tickets using the Password NATIONAL when prompted. Here's the link to the site if you can't manage Ticketmaster

Reports have it that the lower level $35 tickets have sold out but upper level $15 tickets and the lowest Rupp tickets are still available ($100 and $1200).

It'll be an exciting time and the closest thing to a professional basketball game in the state of Kentucky since the Draft Cats took the court (unless you count the Harlem Globetrotters).

The best part about this game outside of 8 former Kentucky fan favorites? There will be a familiar opponent on the other side of the court in former UL Cardinal Francisco Garcia, who will be playing for Calipari on the DR squad - my only question, is it OK to boo him since Cal is coaching him?

I love basketball in August - it's the best thing since the teams trip to Canada last year!!!

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