Thursday, July 28, 2011

Governor's Cup Presser Break Down

First and Foremost, Joker Phillps:
-Joker came out and said "We are going to be pretty damn good this season" in kind of a joking manner in response to his intro. I think he was serious when he said that they will be good if some young guys step up.

-He mentioned Rick Minter's name as the new defensive coordinator and received cheers. He mentioned Steve Brown's name as co-coordinator and defensive backs coach and there were crickets.

-He introduced the rest of the coaching staff. There were like 100 of them. It was quite boring.

-Joker said that there were some questions on the offensive side of things but there would soon be answers.

-The offensive line should be the strength of the offense as well as the tight end position.

-A lot of production was lost at QB, wide receiver and running back but he said that he feels really good about replacing those players with guys that are going to produce.

-Defense will be the strength of the entire team. 10 starters are returning on D including All SEC linebacker Danny Trevathan.

-Ridge Wilson moved from a linebacker to a defensive end to replace DeQuinn Evans.

-Winston Guy has been moved from safety to outs tide linebacker.

-The players switching positions was done to increase speed on the field.

-Joker said they signed "true receivers" instead of athletes that they had to teach the position to, like Cobb. This should help with production.

-He stated that the rivalry has elevated both programs to a higher level in competition.

Overall: Joker talked for over eight minutes and was very positive and up on his team the entire time. He seems to be more comfortable as the head coach this year and he has a lot of confidence in his guys.

And now, Charlie Strong...booooooo!!!!!

-First off, the guy that was introducing both coached must be a Louisville fan because he was kissing Strong's butt. He stated that Strong already turned the program around, will bring them to the top of the Big East and will soon compete for a national title. All these morons are in for a HUGE disappointment.

-I like Strong. He went up to the guy and laughed and said "National Championship?", like "Are you kidding me?" This guy isn't dumb. He knows where he is and what conference he is in.

-He said the Beef O'Brady's Bowl win set the foundation for the future of the program. That's a pretty lame foundation.

-The Cards lost 25 seniors, including 14 starters. Ouch.

-Strong used the "R" word a lot, as in "Rebuilding". According to Louisville fans and the douche that introduced him, the Cards are primed to take on Alabama, Auburn, Oklahoma, USC, LSU and Florida. All at the same time.

-The coach pointed out that his team has A LOT of weaknesses. The guy is making more and more sense with every word.

-The Cards rank 119 out of 120 teams in regards to returning experience. Ouch again.

-None of their 3 QB's have started. Weakness.

-Only one returning starter on the offensive line. Weakness.

-They have two returning running backs that can produce. Strength.

-4 starters return on offense. Weakness.

-Strong stated that the defensive line is their strength. If they have one.

-Nobody asked Strong any questions after he offered. I think everyone was depressed after he was done.

Overall: Strong was the exact opposite of Joker. He was down on his team and expressed concern of key positions. He did state that they are far away from where they want to be but they will get there.

I am getting close to a score for the game but I am going to wait to the week of to see how these two play early. I think UK might be mediocre or even better than expected. I truly think Louisville is going to be awful this year. Kragthorpe awful. I will hold to my prediciton that some UofL fans will be ready to toss Strong out on his butt because of the unfair expectations they have placed on him. More analysis as the game approaches.

Come back in the morning for a ton of news.

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