Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Louisville Fans find Comfort in the arms of Elisha Justice

It's makeout time in the YUMMMMMYYYY!!!! Center...and Rick likes it angry.

Right now it is tough being a Louisville basketball fan. Losing to Morehead State in the first round of the NCAA's, never beating Kentucky at anything, Rick Pitino talking about retiring, assistant coaches bailing left and right, recruits bailing left and right, and the NCAA won't let Rick and his boys play the Puerto Rican National Team; all of these things weigh a fan down like the boulder that smashed James Franco's arm.

Louisville fans have found refuge in the arms of former walk-on and current scholarship player Elisha Justice. It doesn't matter that Justice blew the Morehead State game by missing key free throws; Elisha is currently in a battle to win the sexiest male athlete. His current opponent is soccer "star" Carlos Bocanegra. Check out the name of the blog I just linked and it says it all. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Louisville fans haven't won anything of importance since going to the Final Four in 2004. Right now any win matters. Even if it takes grown men voting for a shirtless 19 year old kid, it's a victory. Their hopes rest in the sexiness of a kid that Rick Pitino calls "Bullet".

Louisville fans, you write your own material. I just repeat it.

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