Thursday, April 14, 2011

Louisville Basketball Coaching Carousel: News and Notes

The King of Underperforming

I know it's early in the morning but there is a lot to talk about. Let's start this fire:

  • There is a lot going on dealing with the hilarity and absurdity that is Louisville basketball. Unfortunately it will take up most of this post. First of, Rick Pitino told Terry Meiners that he almost retired after the end of this season but thinks he has 3-5 years left and would like to get a Final Four before he steps down. Keep dreaming Rick. I doubt the Dirty Birds make it to a Final Four in that time span but he can hope. The surprising thing about all of this is that Terry Meiners still wants anything to do with Rick Pitino or UofL.

  • So who will take over for Pitino when he leaves? It certainly won't be son Richard Pitino, Jr. Allegedly. RPJ, as we affectionately call him here at Sportsthat, is returning to the Cardinal coaching staff (more on that in a minute). Allegedly. He has been at Florida for the past few years due to his father shuttling him out of town because of the uncertainty of the Karen Sypher situation. Now, Pitino wants him back from Billy Donovan's staff. Dononvan went on record and said that there would be a coach in waiting situation for Richard at UofL. AD/Hugo Chavez wannabe Tom Jurich then said that a coach in waiting system "is not how he operates". The way he operates is that he usually sends about 10 guys to his coaching choice, drugs him, throws him in a van and forces him to take the job by hours of brainwashing and torturing. How do you think he got a guy the caliber of Charlie Strong to coach there?

  • Two UofL assistant coaches have departed. The first of which is former UK player and all time Pitino Suck Up Steve Masielllo. Mini-Rick has taken a job as the head coach of Manhattan.

  • The other departure is Uber-Recruiter Tim Fuller. Fuller is credited with getting stand-out 2012 point guard Rodney Purvis. Fuller is going to Missouri (?) to lend his talents to the Tigers. Many are speculating that Purvis may look around at other teams due to the departure of the coach that heavily recruited him. Many Louisville fans are crying that Fuller "breached his cotract" and that the university to sue him (comments section). Listen up: Your program isn't that great. Coaches are not knocking down the doors to get there. Cardinal fans are some of the most delusional/whiny people on the planet. As for Purvis, we may have another Marquis Teague situation.

  • Terrence Jennings is going to enter his name in the draft but not hire an agent. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! It's nice to start the morning off with a laugh.

  • The Baseball Cats beat the Baseball cards 3-2 Tuesday night. Besides soccer, and who cares about soccer, is there anything that the Louisville men's athletic department can defeat the Kentucky Men's athletic department at? The Cats have this on lock down. Seriously, why be a Louisville fan?

  • Here is some audio on the Florida basketball players arrest. It's hilarious.

  • John Calipari really seems to be pushing his players to stay. He said he encouraged Brandon Knight, Terrence Jones and DeAndre Liggins to enter their names in the draft but to not hire an agent. He seems to really think the lockout is going to happen and that the players should stay at UK. Let's hope they listen.

  • Calipari is going to Alabama today in order to make sure all of his bases are covered by talking to 2011 sharp shooter Trevor Lacey. John Calipari is the hardest working man in college basketball.

And there we have it. Have a good day, stay out of trouble and check back later.

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