Sunday, April 10, 2011

George Strait and Reba and the Yummmmmyyyy!!!! Center: News and Notes

Last night was my first trip to the Yum! Center and it was pretty unforgettable in some instances. I was there for the George Strait and Reba McEntire concert (thanks to Mrs. Boogiewoogie). The forgettable part was George Strait's performance. I am not a fan of country music and his "show" reinforced that feeling 10 fold. He stood on the stage and played boring song after boring song, while the crowd remained seated for 80% of the show and I actually saw people yawning. All he did was stare into the camera that projected his image on the giant HD screens in the building and wink at it from time to time. It was pure hell.

I do have to admit that Reba was quite the opposite. She had energy, she danced and seemed generally happy to be there. She was a true show-woman and I respect her singing ability and her knack for getting the crowd involved. The whole place was on it's collective feet, belting out the words to "Fancy" as Reba closed out her show. I may have even sang a line or two. Maybe.

Onto the sports stuff from the show:

  • I rarely disagree with my wife or refuse to do anything sensible shes asks me to do. I refused to go walk through the Cardinal Walk of Honor with her. She grabbed my hand and I physically pulled away. She didn't go either.

  • I was wearing my UK Final Four shirt for the show.

  • There was a ton of UK blue there, much more than Cardinal red. This is the second time this occured this year. With about 5 minutes left of the Kentucky/Louisville game there were WAY more UK fans left sitting in the stands. There were also a good amount at the floor seats throughout.

  • Tom Jurich had his Gestapo roaming the building trying to figure out how so many UK fans had tickets to an event at the Yum! Center.

  • I was fascinated at the lack of banners hanging from the cieling in the arena. They have a banner commemorating how many times they made it to the NCAA tournament. I'm not making that up.

  • As the crowd was leaving at the end of the show there was a large contingent of UK fans doing the C-A-T-S, CATS! CATS! CATS! chant all throughout the building. I don't think Cards fans can pull off the same stunt in Rupp Arena for any type of event.

  • Some random lady with a UK Final Four t-shirt tapped me on the shoulder and asked me if I was Josh Harrellson. I am shorter and wider than Jorts, but I guess I can see a slight resemblence. She looked hurt when I informed her that I was indeed not Josh.

Now some more News and Notes:

That's about all for now partners. Enjoy y'alls weekend, ya hear.

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