Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Louisville Fans Go Twitter Crazy on Kevin Ware and Lose Another Recruit

Louisville fans LOVE to say that Kentucky fans are overzealous, over hyped, uber-emotional, die hard nutcases. In some cases we are, but that doesn't hide the fact that they are as well. Even though they try and take the high road and claim that they are everything a good fan should be, they continue to remove any doubt that they are pompous asses like anybody else.

Take the reaction that Louisville fans had since Kevin Ware chose to go to Central Florida. These reactions (I hate linking KSR) have forced Ware to not attend the Derby City Classic in Louisville because of, "All of them hostile fans. A lot of negative stuff has been tweeted to me so I don't want to deal with that."

It's gotten so bad that Kevin Ware has deleted his Twitter account due to the crazy ass Louisville fans. I wonder if Dan Owens is going to blast this kid for not attending his precious game like he did Marquis Teague, Kyle Wiltjer, Anthony Davis and Michael Gilchrist?

And the Cards just lost another recruit, so Negus Webster-Chan's Twitter beware! Webster-Chan is a three-star small forward from Huntington, West Virginia (like Patrick Patterson and Gurgui Dieng). He was committed to the Cards but has since opened up his recruiting because of the clusterfudge that is the UofL coaching staff at the moment.

In two days Rick Pitino has lost Kevin Ware (whom he personally visited), Negus Webster-Chan and has Tony Woods wavering. I think Rodney Purvis will be the next to drop out.

The sentiment around the Cardinal blogs is that "we are a football school again" and "how many more weeks until football", and "I can't wait to see what Charlie Strong has ready". They are pretty excited about going 7-6 last year.

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