Friday, April 1, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Rick Pitino Caught with his pants down AGAIN

In BREAKING news from the New York Times, Rick Pitino has been accused of another sex scandal. The Times is reporting that while in the studio for CBS, Ricky P was seen flirting and mingling with an intern named Jamie Bishop. Bishop, a 23 year old graduate student from Florida, was in charge of wardrobe.

According to the Times, Pitino, who was contracted out by CBS as an analyst after his UL Cardinals lost in the first round to Morehead State, had the sexual encounter late on Saturday at the Hilton near the CBS studios. Bishop met Pitino at the hotel bar for drinks before they promptly excused themselves to her room. Bishop used her cell phone to snap this picture of Pitino in his underpants before the act went down.

While no laws were broken and both parties were consenting, it's just another embarrassing blemish on a lack luster season.

Fittingly the news comes after the USA Today report that listed Rick Pitino as the highest paid coach in college basketball.

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