Friday, April 15, 2011

The New Cats at the Jordan brand Classic Speak to BBN

Check out what Marquis Teague says at about the 30 second mark. It's an accident but it's still pretty funny.

Anthony Davis is excited to ball with his "brothers" that are joining him at UK. Davis makes a bold but awesome prediction about banner #8.

Michael Gilchrist can't wait to get to UK and experience the fans. He also states that he has a bond with his fellow freshmen and says that if Knight and Jones come back that their team will be "scary". He wants them to come back to win championships. Plural.

Kyle Wiltjer thanks the BBN fans for the already great support. He is ready to get to Lexington and start working hard.

I know Terrence Jones and Brandon Knight read my posts everyday. Please come back. It will be epic.

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