Friday, April 15, 2011

Terrence Jones: Another Derby Decision

It's Derby time in the Bluegrass. That means if the sun shines bright on my old Kentucky home during the first Saturday in May, sundresses and juleps will be present along with the smile on my face to welcome them. I hope to find my butt on a blanket, a betting slip in my pocket, a program curled in my fist, pleasantries welcoming the predetermined horse to the glue factory or winners circle, while I am joined by others in the ruckus third turn Derby crowd of Churchill Downs as I do every year.

But before I ever bask in the glory of good times yet to be had, I must remember those prior experiences. Looking back to last year, where I was posted in the parking lot of Churchill shaded by the twin spires and an awning of some road tripping college guys' RV, I remember the heart ache that was bestowed upon me by future Cat Terrence Jones.

Scene: It was the Friday before the Kentucky Derby - Oaks Day as it is called in these parts. The sun was hot, but women hotter. The alcohol pouring, but not a drop in the sky and there was the Terrence Jones saga about to come to a conclusion. We'd blogged about it for weeks and on that Friday, Jones chose to select purple hat with a W on the front instead of the blue one with a K. A mistake he instantly regretted and recanted weeks later only to choose Kentucky, but not before my heart sank and Oaks day spoiled.

This year, I yeild time to Terrence to spoil another spring day. However, I do not have to turn over my Oaks nor my Derby. Assuming Jones decides to "Test the NBA waters" as most kids do these days, he could make the decision to remain in the draft or return to Kentucky for his sophomore season on the Sunday after Derby. This is good news either way for those Kentucky fans in enemy territory of Louisville. While last year my lovely day at the track soured quickly and I worried that Boogiewoogie was going to commit Harrycarry - this year I can recover from my drinking on my couch and if the decision comes that he leaves, I probably wont feel much worse as I do with my upset, beer filled, bloated stomach. If the decision is to return to school, at least I will have something to comfort my uneasiness

So take heart Kentucky fans, your Derby and Oaks are safe. Enjoy your Friday and Saturday and let the horses satisfy the thirst for excitement, but let Jones be the reason to drink again Sunday - good or bad.

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