Saturday, April 2, 2011

Know Your Enemy: UConn Huskies

You really didn't think I was going to jinx us and not post this, did you? So far the Cats are undefeated everytime I post Know Your Enemy. Let's keep the streak alive. I have already outlined the keys to victory against the Huskies. Let's learn a little bit more about the UK opponent. UConn Huskies: Location- Storrs, Connecticut Enrollment-30,00 Famous Alumni-Meg Ryan, Ray Allen, Richard Hamilton, Rebecca Lobo, Sue Bird, and Diana Taurasi. I know, athletes and that is about it. Rather boring. School Motto- "It's not hell, it's just Connecticut." Everthing You Need to Know about UConn-You can see in this Horrifying Documentary:

Things They Tell Recruits-

  • "I'm not trying to scare you but if you say "chowder" instead of "chowda", Jim Calhoun will cut off your fu**ing head. Just sayin'."

  • "Yes Jim Calhoun cheats and yes we are going to be punished by the NCAA, but haven't you seen "He Got Game"? Ray Allen was awesome in that!"

  • "Sure there are plenty of things to do in Connecticut! You can throw rocks at passing cars, climb trees, smoke a pipe, read the paper. We know how to party here."

  • "Our women's team is better than our men's team. So what. Do you think we are a bunch of girls around here? Well, ok we are but that's beside the point."

Most Famous Sports Moment- It's not their most famous but I thought this was pretty awesome:

Reasons why Kentucky will Beat Them to make it to the National Championship game-

  • Jorts, Jorts and Jorts

  • Kemba Walker is a gun and when the Huskies get behind he is going to start shooting the ball waaaaay too much.

  • John Calipari REALLY hates Jim Calhoun. He hates him more than he hates Ricky Three Stacks.

  • DeAndre Liggins is about to regulate on Shabazz Napier or whoever he wants.

  • Brandon Knight will show that he is better than Kemba Walker.

Regardless of the outcome I think this team has done way more than anybody anticipated. That being said, the Payback Cats are a different team than what UConn faced in Maui. Brandon Knight grew up, Terrence Jones is no longer the focal point of the offense, Liggins and Darius Miller have confidence and Josh Harrellson is playing like Shaq.

Kentucky is undefeated when they are avenging a loss. They will continue to be after today.

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