Friday, April 8, 2011

NBA/Cal Rumor #1: Calipari to the Knicks

In the forever running story of John Calipari to the NBA, his name is now circling the New York Knicks. The Knicks who hired Mike D'Antoni from Phoenix just a few years ago and are reluctant to resign GM Donnie Walsh's $5 million option for next season, would be looking at having Calipari as coach and GM.

But it's just rumors as the author said:

Do I have confirmation on this? No. I unsuccessfully reached out to Calipari and left a message.

Does it make sense? Yes, especially in view of Dolan's disinclination to do right by Walsh.
We're talking about a marquee college coach fresh from another Final Four, who owns pro experience (some of it good with the Nets), is an outstanding recruiter (though the NBA's salary cap may limit that impact), and relates remarkably well with young black players.
We heard this line before when Cal was mentioned to be heading to Chicago in a Worldwide William Wesley package that included Lebron James. That rumor proved to be false and vastly overblown and you should get used to it Cats fans, it probably won't even be the last time this off season. Calipari has connections, it is how he gets the players he gets, but it's also why his name will be constantly thrown out by NBA teams (and rival recruiting coaches).

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