Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Demarcus Cousins on ESPN's Frist Take

As I was watching ESPN's Firs Take this morning I was pleasantly surprised to find that one of the call in guests was none other than Boogie. In the interview he explained how he got his nickname and what it felt like to get drafted. Here is a synopsis of the Q&A session:

Q: You were named Rookie of the Month at the Summer League. How would you grade your performance?
A: I played well but there were a lot of rookie mistakes that I need to correct. Overall I played pretty good.

Q: Our very own Skip Bayless predicted that you will have a better career than John Wall. How would you react to that?
A: (laughter) I hope we both have good, long careers. John's my brother, so I'm not really going to speak on that.

Skip Bayless: I don't wish John the best, I wish you the best. You better not let me down big fella!

Q: What was your first thought when you found that the Kings had drafted you #5?
A: I couldn't believe it was happening. It was a dream that I had been dreaming of for a long time and it finally came true.

Q: How do you think playing with Tyreke Evans will compare with playing with John Wall?
A: I haven't really had a chance to play with Tyreke but I think we could be a really good combo. Tyreke's a great player, a willing passer, and a young player at that, so I think we can build some nice chemistry and do some damage.

Q: Before you were drafted it was reported that you did not have a driver's license. Any progress on that front?
A: (laughter) I'm actually working on that right now. As we speak I'm down in Mobile working on my driving, I'm working towards that.

Q: Have you bought a car yet or are you going to wait until you have a license to buy a car?
A: I'm going to wait until I get a license and then I'll buy one.

Q: What kind are you going to buy?
A: I'm not sure yet. I gotta find something that can fit me.

Q: (laughter) That's very good. How did you get the nickname Boogie and how do you think it stuck so far?
A: Coach Rod Strickland at Kentucky gave me the name. I would be playing ball and I would do moves that guards would do and coach Strickland said, "Man, you got a lot of Boogie." Every time I walked into the gym he would say, "What's up Boogie!" and it just stuck.

Q: As you get into the NBA are you going to try to find some new kind of nickname?
A: Right now a lot of people in Sacramento are calling me "DMC", it's whatever the fans like.

Q: Give us some expectations you have coming up as your first season as a rookie in the NBA.
A: Hopefully I can help my team get to the playoffs and we can push from there. And my own personal goal is that I'm trying to win rookie of the year.

And there you have it. The usual DeMarcus Cousins: honest, humorous, witty, and humble. No signs of the alleged "bad attitude" was heard. Jay Bilas will be eating his words when Boogie becomes a force in the NBA. They may call him DMC is Sac-Town, but he will always be Boogie to us in the Big Blue Nation.

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