Thursday, August 4, 2011

Get Yo Popcorn Ready: Calipari Starts Movie Casting Call

Sure, the Dominican Nationals vs The UK All-Stars game has become a spectical to all Kentuckians. It's a hotter ticket to come by than the UL vs UK football game 1 month later (I have two uppers available if anyone needs some). However, what the fans don't realize is the opportunity the DR team and Calipari have.

The DR team has never made the Olympics, they're known for their love of baseball and beaches, not basketball. Yet, later this month they have a chance in an Argentina qualifying tournament to change all that. After watching an immediate resurrection of an NIT UK, A-10 bottom dwelling UMass, and C-USA whipping boy Memphis, this feat wouldn't be anything new for Calipari.

But seriously, what's in it for him? Sure there's a little salary involved and some publicity - but I think Calipari has seen further. As the marketing genius he is, he should be seeing saw past the stars on the court and  picturing the big screen.

If Cal fails with this team, no one will think twice - oh well, they stunk anyways. If he succeeds though and the team makes it to the Olympics, he adds a resume line. If Cal beats a big name team, he adds a legacy. If he somehow happens to win an Olympic Gold Medal - well, start thinking Kurt Russel or Jack Candy or Will Ferrell... he takes this rag-tag team with mid level professionals and lots of sub plots into the world spotlight. He see's 10 years later a ... "Cool Runnings", "Miracle", "Semi-Pro"... movie in the making. The skys the limit and in this risk/reward opportunity, why the hell not.

Either way, it should be fun and I'll certainly be there when the call for extras in. My only question, what will the movie be called?

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