Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pitino Mum on the Cats in YUM!

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I rarely ever give Pitino props but I must give him some after watching his press conference today. The reporters at his press conference were dying to get Pitino to say something absurd or derogatory about Cal taking over Yum! Center, but he just didn't do it.

Pitino knew what they were doing, but refused to play. He said, at one point, "Not helping you, am I?" to a reporter trying to get him to same something news worthy. Pitino was very diplomatic, stated that the YUM! Center is city property, not UofL property, and said that this is a free country.

Pitino also slyly did not mention Calipari or the University of Kentucky. He just used "The Dominican Team" as his catch all to represent the afore mentioned.

Kudos to Pitino for keeping his cool. Lately it has been tough for the coach to do so and he sticks his foot in his mouth more often than not. Today, he seemed like he knew exactly what he was saying and the responses were well calculated as well as smart.

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