Thursday, August 4, 2011

Denny Crum is a Boss: News and Notes

"Laugh now, but one of these days, I'm going to get you back you turtleneck wearing S.O.B."-Denny Crum And isn't this a lovely morning? I am sure you have all heard the news that Denny Crum will be on the baseline for the UK Legends game at the Yum! Center on August, 16. I've really never had a problem with Denny Crum in the past, I've always kind of liked him but had that twinge of hate because of the team he coached. I, as a fan, was never threatened by him. By the time I really started to watch sports religiously,which was about the mid 90's, the Cards really sucked.

I wasn't even born when Louisville won their first title in '81 and I was only four when they one their last one in '86, so Denny Crum and his version of the Dirty Birds didn't offend me much.

But now Denny has elevated himself in my book. I really, really like Denny. He accepted this position to be honored, but he knows full well that John Calipari is doing this game as a big "F You" to Rick Pitino, Tom Jurich and the Dirty Bird Nation. Cal is saying to them all, "I've got your arena and I have your iconic coach, and I am going to do what ever I want with them. And there is not a damn thing you can do about it."

All over talk radio yesterday the Cardinal whining was at a level never before seen. "How could you do this, Denny?" was the collective lament. Denny did this, supposedly, because he has no love lost for Rick Pitino or Tom Jurich. Speculation is that Crum was unhappy of how Jurich unceremoniasly shoved the Hall of Fame coach out of town only to bring in a guy that Denny can't stand, Rick Pitino.

John Calipari and Crum are friends, and everybody knows that Denny and Joe B. are dear friends. Denny did what was in his best interest and is now being honored by people that appreciate what a good coach he is and what he means to college basketball.

In the end, Pitino and Jurich must be seething. John Calipari has done it again.
To the news:
-Darius Miller made the World University team's final cut and will be playing against talent all over the world. This means that Darius will be an even bigger beast when the Cats get started next season. Darius is getting lost in the hype, but by the end of the season, he will be the hype.

-It is official that Brandon Knight, Jorts and DeAndre Liggins will be a part of the Legends game in Louisville. Now I want tickets to this game.

-You have to read Eamonn Brennan's article about Cal stepping all over Pitino's face.

-The University of Louisville has a Legends game of their own featuring T-Will, Samardo Samuels and a few more of their all time degenerates. The game will be played in the Bullitt East High School Gym. I am not making this up.

That's all for now. Stay classy you crazy kids.

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