Sunday, May 8, 2011

Terrence Jones' News and Notes: Brought to You by Mother's Day and Rajon Rondo's Arm

Hello. How was your Derby? Did you win anything? Neither did I. But one thing that made me super happy was the announcement that Terrence Jones will remain at Kentucky and not lave his name in the NBA draft.

This puts Kentucky in the conversation for preseason #1 with only North Carolina in the argument. This Kentucky team is going to be redonkulous.

Onto the News:

  • The Celtics finally looked like themselves last night and won a game in Boston. The story of the night, besides how fat Shaq is, was the horrific looking injury to Rajon Rondo. Rondo was taken down by the Heat's Dwayne Wade (can't he just quit effing with UK?). Rondo dislocated his elbow. He left the court, we all thought he was done for the series. Think again. Rondo came back out and finished the game shooting, dribbling and passing with one arm. It was one of the gutsiest things I have ever witnessed.

  • DeAndre Liggins will announce his plans to either go pro or stay at UK tomorrow. I think that Liggins will hire an agent. His best chance to get drafted is this year, next year it will be near impossible. He may also have to struggle to find minutes at UK this year with Jones, Lamb and Miller coming back, plus of all the talent coming in. God Bless you DeAndre, whatever it is you decide to do.

  • Guess how many one and dones John Calipari had this season? One. Guess how many one and dones NCAA Darling Duke had? One. Go ahead media, do your thing. Or rather just sit there and say nothing positive about John Calipari, like you always do.

  • Apparently nobody wants the Maryland job. Mike Brey, Sean Miller and Brad Stevens have all turned it down. The new target appears to be Tubby Smith. Smith's tenure in Minnesota has been no picnic and it would not surprise me if he left. I will never understand how Maryland never capitalized after their championship in 2002.

That's all for now. I leave you with this:

D-Wade is a dirty SOB. Happy Mother's Day.

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